Tuesday, September 20, 2011

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Thursday, July 30, 2009


Wednesday July 29th 2009 I swam the English Channel in 13hrs and 11min.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I just got my call, i will be swimming tomorrow morning at 4am my time.
Use this link to follow my swim and NOT the other one.
www.ais-doverstraits.co.uk and then click on follow Antasia and it will give you updates every 20min for my progress.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Update from England

Sorry for the delay in putting some news up.
Wednesday the 15th I met with Eddie Spelling to give him my final payment and discuss plans for the swim. He said that he will take me when the weather is good and swim able. We discussed possible start times and how my feeding's and swim will go. After my meeting I went to Boot's to order my channel grease for the swim, which is a mixture of Vaseline and Lanolin which I will use to cover my body during the swim. In the afternoon I went swimming in the Harbor in very windy and rough condition's which was good practice in case the weather changes during my swim.
Thursday the 16th I went for a swim in the Harbor, the weather was a perfect day for swimming with very little wind and the sun shinning. I also met another swimmer training for the channel from Japan, so we both got in the water together and her coach watched us swim, they were both very nice. That night a huge storm picked up with very strong winds and a massive thunder and lightening storm all night.
Friday the 17th I took the Ferry over to France and spent the day walking around. It was my first real look across the channel. During the boat ride their was 3-5ft swells and very strong winds with poor visibility. It showed me how having good weather can really make or break your swim.
Saturday the 18th I swam with the big of channel swimmer and was told by the Channel General (Freda Streeter) that I only had to do a 4hr swim, I had thought I would have to do 6hr swim but because my swim is fastly approaching I am on taper and not supposed to over do it. It was windy with some cloud coverage and a pretty good day for swimming. That night we had a night swim with the group. We met at 9:30 pm and entered the Harbor with glow sticks attached to our suit and google straps. Because their is a good chance of doing part or all of your swim in the dark it is very important do get some night swim practices in. Luckily we had some light from the near by building and ferry port so it wasn't as dark as I thought it would be.
Sunday the 19th I swam with the group of channel swimmers again. I only swim for 2hrs and 30min because my shoulders where bothering me and I wanted to be safe and not get injured before the swim. A little ice and stretching will help keep me feeling good.

I talked to Freda after my swim about how long she thinks I should be swimming in the Harbor each day and she suggested 1hr 30min to 2hrs so my body gets some rest and still stays used to the water temperature. Their has been a big series of storm's since Thursday night so their is no channel swimming going on right now because it wouldn't be safe.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


(Dover Harbor This Morning)

I arrived in England Monday July 12th. I had a short swim in the late afternoon in a near by pool just to loosen up.

Tuesday July 13th I had my first swim in the famous Dover Harbour. When I first showed up it was a surreal feeling and i couldn't believe I was their, after all my training it finally felt like it was time for my swim and all my hard training to come together. I showed up at the spot where channel swimmers normal meet on the weekend. I only expected to see a few people around but
their was around 20 swimmers their all getting their training in. It was a great scene because it really gives you a feeling of how divers channel swimming really is. Their where men and women of all different ages, sizes, and ethnicity's. I could here people talking in all different languages. When I was getting I saw other swimmers who have done multiple crossing's and where training other swimmer who were getting ready for their own swims in the next few weeks. When I was in the water I could see the big ferry's and cruse boats coming in and out of the harbor making waves when they went by. Dover harbor is close to 4 times the size of Aquatic Park where i train in San Francisco. Everyone on the beach was smiling, laughing and enjoying the sun and perfect training day.

Wednesday the 14th I am meeting my pilot to give him the final payment for my swim and try to plan my swim. I will put another post up tomorrow with details on the plan for my swim.

Their was an artical in the San Mateo Times about my Channel swim. The link to read the artical is http://www.mercurynews.com/california/ci_12817196?source=email&nclick_check=1

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

**Follow My Channel Swim Live**

For those of you interested, you can follow my channel swim live by tracking the placement of my support boat. The web-site me false lead you on the exact location of the boat and the boat will not get all the way to shore but it will help you follow the approximate location and speed of the support boat. The night before I swim I will put a quick update on my blog saying I am swimming tomorrow and about what time I will start. As a reminder my tide is July 28th- August 6th so I will be swimming some time in that slot depending on weather conditions and the two swimmers going in front of me.
The link is- www.marinetraffic.com/ais
To make things easier for you, on the top left hand corner you are going to want to click map location and select English Channel, and then bellow that you will see all the different ship types, you can un click Cargo Vessels, Tankers, Accord/Moored this will help clear up some of the traffic so you can find my boat. If you want to watch all the boat traffic going around me you can leave them all on. My boats name is ANASTASIA and its MMSI number is 2350 19572. I will be swimming in the narrow part of the Channel in the Dover to Calais part

To watch the weather and water temperature follow the link below. It is the buoy in the closet location to were I should be swimming.

Final Swim in Ireland

Today was my last swim in Ireland as part of my training for the English Channel. I swam at Sandycove, alone, in the rain, wind, and cold. It was a great change of weather to help pre pair me for the Channel that is coming up soon. I swam 2 miles in water that was 15 Celsius, so it was a rather short swim in warm water.